The Little “Read” Hen

cover red hen

The Little “Read” Hen wants to write a story, but Dog, Cat, and Pig would rather hang out at “Starbawks” drinking “flappuccinos” than help her. So the hen brainstorms ideas that “flocked” to her and does research on the Internet and in books she “cracked open.” Her friends will not help her outline her story or create a rough draft, so the “unflappable” fowl get her ideas in the “proper pecking order” all by herself. She also edits and proofs her story alone, searching for any “poultry” mistakes. At the Barnyard Bookstore (which sells “Goodnight, Hen” and “Don’t Let the Chicken Drive the Tractor!”), her friends want to help her read the finished story, but the little hen refuses. Nevertheless, reading it all alone seems wrong, and she shares her “egg-cellent” story with them. This fresh take on the traditional folktale gives youngsters sound advice on writing their own stories. Teachers will want to use this pun-filled tale in their writing lessons. Colorful cut-paper illustrations add to the humor. Should children wonder what the hen wrote, they can find an illustration of her eponymous book on the back endpapers, in the egg she laid in the hand-cut straw.

– School Library Journal