Fiber Arts Workshop with Sharon Costello

I had the opportunity to take a workshop with Sharon Costello. This was the first time that I have worked with wet felting and now have a better appreciation of how much work goes into creating a felted piece. In the workshop, our first project was to create a flat sample piece. Sharon demonstrated how to create flaps, folds and how to achieve different color combinations. I enjoyed this learning process and was surprised with the outcome.

cropped sample

I am not finished with this sample. I am learning some embroidery stitches and plan on adding embellishments and cutting into the sample. I will post the finished piece when it’s completed.

Next Sharon taught us the process of creating a vessel. Wow! It was fun! I enjoyed experimenting with the colors and the different techniques. I was not worried about the outcome as much as playing with the materials.


Here is the vessel I created. I added dimension by cutting wool fabric flowers and needle felted centers to hold the large flowers in place. I then proceeded to create bees, ladybugs, and dragonflies in between the flowers. All a big experiment.

Cropped Vessels

I wanted to share with you the vessels from class. They are all unique and different. I believe that most of the class will go home and embellish their vessels further- I know that is my plan. And look forward to exploring more possibilities.

On a side note, it is interesting how my style shows through even in this medium. As a class, we were all given the same instruction and materials to make our vessels; and yet my vessel still carries the characteristics of my cut paper illustrations.