School Programs

Clementine Hunter


The Kindergarten Students from Dufrocq Elementary School learned about a Louisiana artist named Clementine Hunter. The Kindergartners went on a field trip to the LSU Museum of Art where they viewed Mrs. Hunters original paintings.


We discussed how important community was to Mrs. Hunter as we viewed her paintings. Clementine Hunter painted things that surrounded her in everyday life: baptisms, weddings, working in the fields at Melrose Plantation, and paintings of her family and friends. These were all the things dear to her heart.


Hunter Collage

After discussing Mrs. Hunter’s paintings, Lucy Perera and I helped the children create a “community” mural of the things they saw in the paintings. Students from all four classes (~100 students total) contributed to the “community” mural. It was a magical experience for all.

Thank you to all involved! – Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, LSU Art Museum, Dufrocq Elementary School.