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Happy Birthday to The Little “Read” Hen

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Dianne de Las Casas and I launched our new book, The Little “Read” Hen (Pelican Publishing) over the last couple of weekends. We presented the story with interactive storytelling that had all the kids singing and clapping.

CG Book cover   CG's Book2

The Little “Read” Hen is a modern update of the classic story highlighting reading and writing.

After the performance, we taught the kids how to make a 6-page book out of a single sheet of paper. One little girl created a masterpiece. Here is CG’s book. Watch for her to be a future author and illustrator!

Afterward, we gave away prizes; passed out goodies to all the kids; and even served up some “flappuccinos”, just like in our book!


Then we autographed the books. It was great fun! Happy Birthday Little “Read” Hen!